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Session Name: Scaling Your Work in the Open - Tech is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Let’s go back to the start of 2023. We have one mono-Organisation on GitHub where all our repositories live. The number of repositories is in the hundreds and are forks of upstream projects, libraries we have open sourced or assumed a maintenance role over, and sample code - and frankly, everything in between. While having everything centralized comes with benefits (only one place to look for stuff), it forces the same (security) policies on all projects as well. Not all repositories are created equally however. We’re a tech company and so we decide to throw more technology at the problem: we start 2 more organisations, and introduce programmatic control and delegative authority. But then comes the hard problem: how does anyone know what goes where and why - as it turns out engineers are very concerned with the “Why” when they are forced to change their habits, even when they stand to gain from that change. Documentation plays a part, as does executive buy-in. Also: automation. And repetition, repetition, repetition. Join this talk if some form of migrating source code is on your roadmap, or if you’ve ever dealt with herding ~~cats~~ developers: my story will sound awfully familiar, but in a good way!

Speaker Bio:

I'm a Staff Community Program Manager at Aiven,we’re a managed solution for your favorite open source data tools. Previously I worked in Developer Relations roles at Grafana Labs and Microsoft. I’m a member of Devopsdays Core, and I co-organize Devopsdays Amsterdam and Devopsdays Eindhoven, I talk about dinosaurs and chickens a lot.