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Edwin Kwan

Edwin Kwan

Edwin Kwan

Tyro Payments

Edwin is the Application and Software Security Team Lead at Tyro Payments. His approach towards application and software security is to raise security awareness, provide light touch controls to the software development lifecycle to increase visibility of security issues and work closely with engineering teams to quickly develop secure applications.

Session: Keeping Up With Security: An Automated, Self Service Approach

Over 85% of a modern application is built from open source components.. Not all of those open source components are created equal and there are security issues in open source components being discovered regularly.

Staying on top of those security issues is hard, especially when you are moving fast with DevSecOps.

This talk will cover our approach to making security an enabler, rather than a bottleneck. We created some tools around open source scanners to allow security self-serve and automated time-based waivers.