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Session Name: Closing the Developer Experience Gap of Kubernetes Development

Kubernetes have solved many challenges that businesses face today when it comes to flexibility, scaling & reliability of the release of new versions. But it also posed additional challenges for developers by introducing operational complexity into their dev workflow. To address this challenge, developers typically adopt either the local or remote development approach. Local development offers a fast inner dev loop & allows the usage of local development & debugging tools. But as you scale, your local machine becomes too small to continue running the app. Remote development offers more resources & a realistic development environment for testing purposes. However, you'd always have to repeat the slow build, push, & test cycle before seeing the impact of your code changes. This talk will show developers how they can enjoy the benefits of both development environments without having to deal with their cons. This way, they'll be able to close the developer experience gap of K8s development.

Speaker Bio:

Edidiong Asikpo is a Senior Developer Advocate based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of DevOps through technical articles, videos, and social media. Edidiong has given over 100+ talks at tech events worldwide and continues to play a significant role in building developer communities in Africa. She is a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer and Open Source contributor. When she's not doing anything tech-related, she travels across the world, takes beautiful pictures, and analyzes movies.