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Dheeraj Nayal

Dheeraj Nayal

DevOps Institute

Session Name: Crossroads or Battlefield: SRE & ITIL4 in 2020

As Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) crosses the chasm into the enterprise arena, the alignment of old and new ways of working may be a challenge for many organizations. This is particularly so in companies that are reliant upon ITIL practices & with a Change Advisory Board (CAB) to approve changes to the production environment. While many in SRE, ITSM and DevOps have called for the elimination of the CAB, there are many large-scale enterprises still require almost every change to be requested, reviewed and authorized by the CAB before deployment. Like it or not, the CAB has become part of the risk management fabric of many companies and tearing it down completely may not be an option in at least the near future.

So how is a SRE team supposed to succeed if the organization still holds on to its CAB? Is Change Management the crossroad or battlefield between ITIL4 and SRE?

This session will explore patterns for overcoming some of the barriers that enterprise SRE teams face when trying to introduce SRE practices and principles against the tide of traditional ITSM change management that leads to long lead times, less reliability and lost opportunity costs. The presenter will specific ways to optimize and demonstrate that the principles and practices of SRE (particularly those related to Error Budgets and toil reduction) can actually provide better evidence faster with smaller batches, less lead time and greater quality and reliability. The presenter will also explore ways to shift the CAB back to an advisory role that could be as much a peer to peer advisory group as a traditional Change Management process.

Speaker Bio:

Mr. Dheeraj Nayal is the Global community ambassador and Region Head of APJ region at DevOps Institute which is world's leading and fastest growing DevOps professionals association.

He is a global emerging best practices evangelist, frequent Speaker at local and International conferences, and holds expertise in organizing and developing global social,online and regional DevOps community with the commitment to connect the Humans of DevOps and Modern IT to advance the Skills, Knowledge, Ideas & Learning with ease, sharing and collaboration.