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Session Name: Full-Stack Psychological Safety: Go Beyond the Front End

When someone says DevOps, you probably think of tools: parsers, scanners, compilers, version controllers, and more. Or you may think of a cross-disciplined team with mix of skills to take a product from idea to deployment and maintenance. While DevOps does include both, tools and skilled staff are a fraction of what is needed to be successful. We will present the main ingredient for gaining the full benefits of DevOps: Psychological Safety. Unfortunately, Psychological Safety is often overlooked or over-simplified. If spoken about, it is often addressed in binary terms – either a team has it or they don’t. We will discuss the nuances of Psychological Safety using a metaphor that will resonate with technical professionals, Full-Stack. We will discuss each layer of the stack – from Culture/Hardware layer to the Commitment/Front End layer – detailing the team behaviors exhibited and the techniques that can be used to address issues inhibiting team cohesion. By presenting Full-Stack Psychological Safety, the audience will be able to understand how the lack of Psychological Safety could be hindering their team’s DevOps practices. They should also be able to identify where their teams are in the stack and learn some methods for increasing their Psychological Safety.

Speaker Bio:

Deanna started her career as an embedded programmer in the telecommunications industry, and was a significant contributor to Northern California having no internet for 2 days back in the late 90s. She now helps sponsor transition to Agile and DevOps and spends her days screaming “it’s the people, not the tools!” Deanna’s love of her life is her dog Grimbal, which is why she’s always covered in fur.