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Session Name: Threat Modelling - The Ultimate Push Left for Security

We all want to release secure software without slowing down our releases. While tools can help, the ultimate technique for delivering secure and on time is to get your developers to think security from the start. This is where Threat Modeling really shines. For the cost of a 30 minute meeting, you can find and resolve security issues before the first line of code is written. More importantly, you can help developers to change their mindset to be more security focused, and give them the tools to build safer, better software from the start. The result is fewer last minute security surprises, and more secure solutions.

In this session, we will explore:
- What is Threat Modeling?
- How can Threat Modeling save your company money while advancing security?
- How can Threat Modeling resolve the tension between your Development, Security, and Operations Teams?
- A quick guide to starting threat modeling today for almost no cost.

Speaker Bio:

I am a hands-on Architect, with a proven record of delivering scalable, secure, and flexible enterprise systems. I am passionate about clean, readable, tested code and delivering excellent value to clients. I currently serve as Chief Architect at the OptimalPlus division of NI. Our company leverages big data technologies to improve manufacturing quality and yield. At NI, I also serve as the Lead of the Product Security Chapter, which focuses on advancing NI's security posture using our SDL, Threat Modeling, Certifications, and lots of training.