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Christian Melendez

Christian Melendez


Session Name: Creating a Mutate Webhook in Go for Encrypting Secrets in Kubernetes

I've been working on an open-source project in Go to encrypt secrets in Kubernetes by using an HMS as a service solution. Even though the HMS provider isn't free, my plan is to share with you how I created this webhook and how challenging is to extend the Kubernetes API. My goal is to give you the tips and tricks that you need if you want to create a mutate webhook to improve the security of your workloads by implementing default secure settings when performing a request to the Kubernetes API.

Speaker Bio:

Christian is a technologist that started as a software developer and has more recently become a cloud architect focused on helping companies to implement continuous delivery pipelines. Christian's also a technical writer for topics around Kubernetes, containers, cloud, and DevOps. He's contributed to the community and specific companies with talks and workshops too. Christian is an active public speaking and has participated in events and conferences like AWS re:Ivent or All Day DevOps.