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Christian Melendez

Christian Melendez


Session Name: DevOps Is Not What You Have Been Told It Is

We have gone a little crazy with such a simple term that means a lot. What started as a collaborative idea between devs and ops with Flicker in 2009, has evolved so much and now we have learned and include other verticals as well. There have been countless books, even before 2009. Today, new models such as Google SRE have been born too.

However, I still see companies asking for a DevOps, or having a DevOps team. Is that really a good approach or maybe a necessary evil? What is really DevOps now in 2020? Come to my talk and find out what DevOps means after 10 years of the first DevOpsDays in Ghent. I'll share a few funny horror stories. I've been fortunate to help several teams with training, coaching, and implementing a DevOps culture. Going from shipping software every two weeks, to just a few minutes, even under a fairly regulated environment.


Christian is a technologist that started as a software developer and has more recently become a cloud architect focused on helping companies to implement continuous delivery pipelines. Christian's also a technical writer for topics around Kubernetes, containers, cloud, and DevOps. He's contributed to the community and specific companies with talks and workshops too. Christian is an active public speaking and has participated in events and conferences like AWS re:Ivent or All Day DevOps.