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Chris Swan

Chris Swan

DXC Technology

Session Name: Open Source Online DevOps Dojo

Skilling and reskilling for DevOps technology and culture is a real challenge for the software related industry. We can't hire fast enough and chasing talents is time consuming and expensive.

In this talk we will share how we are skilling and reskilling our workforce and helping our clients through ""Online DevOps Dojos"". The Online DevOps Dojo is a series of learnings and hands on micro labs which follow the guidelines of reference books such as ""Accelerate"" and the ""DevOps Handbook"". More that online learning experiences, we are talking here about online lab environments, supported by a (funny) story of a fictitious team.

Half presentation, half demo, this talk will open your eyes on skilling and opportunities linked to training for DevOps the ""Dojo"" way.

One last thing: the learning modules are open source: we invite the DevOps community to use and also contribute!

Speaker Bio:

Chris Swan is a Fellow, Vice President and CTO for the Global Delivery at DXC Technology, where he leads the shift towards design for operations across the service lines, and the use of data to drive optimisation of customer transformation and service fulfilment.