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Session Name: 10X Improvement on Our CI Pipeline With Zero Dollars Spent

We had the right tools but the wrong culture…Continuous Delivery is not only about the tools, it does take the right effort and culture to get it right. In this talk, I will tell you how a Fortune 500 company was struggling to deliver a smooth developer experience for one of the critical programs involving over 300 developers worldwide and the hardship that meant assuming the role of Engineering Lead for the “DevOps team” which was, through no fault of their own, a new Silo inside the program.
This talk is a great example of how Cultural transformation is one of the most important considerations when implementing a DevOps strategy. You will hear about the political hoops and the top 3 difficulties I worked through to show the value of our DevOps initiatives and how was able to convince the teams and the company to move into a true DevOps culture.
I will relate my front-line experiences of re-building CI/CD pipelines, aligning key stakeholders, and measuring the results and the pragmatic steps my team took to reduce cycle times, improve collaboration, and build quality-in without burning developers out and yielding a tenfold improvement.

Speaker Bio:

Electrical engineer with 25+ years of experience in IT and Project Management for Core Systems of Important Financial Institutions in Latin America and Fortune 500 Companies in the USA. Senior IT Consultant. Certified trainer in Agile transformation frameworks and DevOps. Founder of DevOps Colombia and Agile Consulting for the socialization of DevOps and Kanban in Latam.