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Carlos Zapata

Carlos Zapata

DevOps Colombia

Session Name: How Our “Build Quality In” Initiative Delivered Zero Defect Release

This talk will recap Lessons learned regarding "built quality in" in a high impact software development project at a North American airline. This airline, whose 80% of income is through their digital channels, wanted to redesign the fourth page of the business site in number of visits - 11% of total visitors (and approximately 3.0M concurrent visitors during Seasonal marketing events). The project was a huge success as was delivered on time and with a Zero Defect in production during stabilization.

Speaker Bio:

Electrical engineer with 20+ years of experience in IT and Project Management for Core Systems of Important Financial Institutions in Latin America and Fortune 500 Companies in the USA. Senior IT Consultant. Certified trainer in Agile transformation frameworks and Devops. Founder of Devops Colombia and Agile Consulting for the socialization of Devops and Kanban in Latam.