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Session Name: Continuous Improvement: Postmortems & Production Lines

What do donuts and hot air balloons have in common? It's not their shape. Hear how your team can unleash your greater potential through a continuous improvement strategy. We'll walk through a series of common struggles encountered on the production line and the subsequent improvement activities. A wide variety of endeavors are useful to view as a production line: from content creation to confection to software. The key struggles we'll cover are with sending products back upstream for re-work, moving nimbly with large batches of work, and encountering surprise difficulties in the moments before shipping. For each situation, we'll walk through a postmortem in action, and highlight the helpful practices that lend to continuous improvement.



Speaker Bio:

Brad Calhoun leads a team that enables DevOps practices and provides SRE services to Garmin's aviation department. Before that, he worked in the areas of ops automation, embedded software, safety-critical applications, and compliance. His work is a persistent quest for better agility, leanness, and effectiveness in the systems he encounters - ways of working, software, operations, process, compliance, and more.