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Session Name: Carving New Pathways: Trailblazing & Cultivating Change

In this talk, I'll delve into the dynamics of Organizational Change Management. In any group setting, changes can face pushback - even if they're for the better. Overcoming this resistance is the key to making real, lasting change. I'll walk through how big changes are metabolized by a group, how to get your change started on the right foot, and how relationships and trust help us lead through change. I'll highlight how making changes scalable and improving people's experience helps us build a change that the whole group can embrace. My goal is to empower both seasoned leaders and new organizers with change-blazing strategies to strengthen their approach.

Speaker Bio:

Brad Calhoun is a Developer Experience (DX) and AI leader at Garmin, where he helps oversee software engineering practices and culture across the company. He has a passion for creating and improving systems that deliver high value to their users, whether they are related to software development, operations, reliability, or compliance. He is always looking for ways to make software engineering more agile, lean, and effective. He believes that good DX is essential for building high-quality products and services that delight users and empower developers.