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Session Name: Hours to Minutes: Lessons Learned from Building an Automated CI/CD Pipeline

To get to production in today’s software world, how many manual steps are you required to do, and how long does it typically take your team? Too often, the answers to these questions are "several, and at least 4 hours, if not more." It doesn't have to be this way. Learning how to automate key bottlenecks within your CI/CD pipeline will save your organization valuable resources and your developers their sanity. No one enjoys a 4+ hour deployment. It always seems to be a random script which causes the push to production to grind to a halt. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we’ve all felt that pain. Deploying to production shouldn’t be a big production. Yet too often the first time a process or piece of code is tested is when it gets to production. It is also about more than just the tooling aspect of a deployment, but about shifting the mindset and changing the culture. We will discuss why consistency is so important and highlight some techniques you can use to accomplish this new mind set.

Speaker Bio:

Bob Walker is Technical Director at Octopus Deploy (www.octopus.com). As the leader of the customer solutions team at Octopus Deploy, we help solve complex customer problems. As a team, we help answer both technical and non-technical questions. Bob has been a fan of making it easier to deploy software since the early 2010s, when working for a company the only time to deploy to production was 2 AM Saturday. That has led him down the path of CI/CD, DevOps, TDD, and automating all the things. He was exposed to Redgate tooling and Octopus Deploy while working at Farm Credit Services of America and has been a fan ever since. In his current role, Bob gets to help customers, and work with a variety of technologies every day.