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Session Name: A Paradox in Enterprise Digital Transformation

Navigating the digital transformation landscape in today’s enterprise presents a paradox. In software development and delivery, teams are encouraged to embody the agile ethos of ‘faster and leaner.’ Driven by the principles and practices of DevOps, they are expected to sprint ahead, constantly innovating and rapidly delivering value. Critical functions such as funding and budgeting, centralized architecture and design, governance, risk and audit, sourcing and procurement, and the hiring process continue to operate on traditional models. In this talk, I will talk about the holistic approach to Digital Transformation - from Business Perspective, Why Value Stream thinking and Flow metrics help you to see the big picture.

Key takeaways:
1. Understanding the value stream in your organization's perspective (holistic, end-end) and Value Stream Network
2. Measuring from idea to operate model with Flow metrics
3. Common challenges we often see only a "narrow" approach of just "Software Delivery" and how to overcome with VSM.
Speaker Bio:

BMK Lakshminarayanan is an inspiring and passionate DevOps Advocate and Value Stream Architect promoting DevOps, Lean and Value Stream Management principles & practices. He also serves as a New Zealand ambassador for the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation(CNCF), DevOps Institute and Continuous Delivery Foundation(CDF), and a Board Advisor for the Value Stream Management consortium(VSMC).