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Session Name: How Your CI/CD Pipeline Reflects Your Organizational Culture

CI/CD pipelines reflect the organizational culture. Our CI/CD pipeline can paint a picture of:

1. How do we value our customers? (Value stream)
2. How do we value our engineers? (Reducing their cognitive load)

Most organizations bake their organizational constraints and limitations in the name of stage gates and approvals that slow down our flow of value to our customers. If your CI/CD pipeline is about enabling your engineers and speed, we need a better-disciplined approach to our risk, security, and governance.
Speaker Bio:

BMK Lakshminarayanan is an inspiring and passionate DevOps Advocate and Value Stream Architect promoting DevOps, Lean, and Value Stream Management principles & practices.

He also serves as a New Zealand ambassador for the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation(CNCF), DevOps Institute and Continuous Delivery Foundation(CDF), and a Board Advisor for the Value Stream Management consortium(VSMC).