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Session Name: Delivering Digital Experiences: The Importance of the Right Internal Developer Platform

In today's experience economy, creating unique digital experiences has become a competitive advantage. However, delivering these experiences is challenging, and organizations often struggle to translate their strategies into value. Technology leaders frequently find themselves focusing on building internal developer platforms to reduce complexity and enhance productivity, rather than concentrating on digital innovation. This requires substantial investments in time, money, and specialized skill sets.
 As a strategist or a craftsman embarking on a digital transformation journey, you might be pondering:
 - Why is having an internal developer platform crucial for success?
 - What are the characteristics of an effective internal developer platform in the context of the modern experience economy and cloud-native architecture?
 - How does an internal developer platform accelerate an organization's digital strategy and boost the efficacy of digital strategists?
In this session, Asanka will address these questions by sharing real-life stories from the industry and reference implementations that utilize a market-leading internal developer platform as a service.

Speaker Bio:

Asanka is a technology visionary who connects people and technology through digital transformation programs that create consumer-centric applications. As WSO2's Chief Technology Officer, he is responsible for advancing the company's corporate reference architecture and promoting its thought leadership vision. Collaborating with customers, partners, and industry analysts, he drives WSO2's technology mission. With over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing scalable distributed systems, SOA, microservice architectures, and business integration solutions, Asanka is a contributor to the Apache Software Foundation and a sought-after speaker at global events and tech meetups.