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Session Name: Backstage: The Ultimate Access Pass to Maximum Developer Efficiency

Investing in a good developer experience is a must for any organization. Since we started using containers and a microservices-based architecture, the developer experience has taken a hit. In this talk, we will start by discussing what developer experience is, why it is important, the impacts it can create and how it has changed since our shift to the cloud. We will then present a solution to improve the developer experience when working on cloud-native applications in the form of Backstage, a CNCF project created by Spotify. The talk will cover the benefits to developer productivity that come with investing in an internal developer platform (IDP). We will show a demo of how you can use Backstage to create an IDP which will help boost developer productivity across your team.

Speaker Bio:

Arsh is a Developer Experience Engineer at Okteto. He is a CNCF Ambassador and an active contributor to the Kubernetes project. In 2021, he was awarded the Kubernetes Contributor Award for his contributions. He also led the CI Signal Team in the 1.25 Kubernetes Release. Before joining Okteto, Arsh worked at VMware and was an active contributor to other CNCF projects, including cert-manager and Kyverno. He has written blogs and spoken about various topics in the cloud-native ecosystem at different conferences.