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Session Name: Revolutionizing Cloud Infrastructure Deployment: Unleashing the Power of Integration

Are you tired of juggling between GitHub Actions workflows and Terraform Cloud pipelines for deploying your cloud infrastructure? Imagine a seamless integration that brings together the best of both worlds, streamlining your workflow and boosting efficiency. In this electrifying talk, we'll unravel the challenges that arise when you need to run infrastructure code through GitHub Actions while relying on Terraform commands executed within Terraform Cloud. But fret not! We have the solution that will not only save you from the hassle but also elevate your deployment game.

Picture this: a unified workflow that seamlessly orchestrates your infrastructure deployment, where GitHub Actions and Terraform Cloud join forces to simplify your life. We will learn together to achieve this integration nirvana, empowering you to:
- Harness the capabilities of GitHub Actions and Terraform Cloud in perfect harmony
- Eliminate the complexities of managing separate deployment avenues
- Boost productivity and focus on what truly matters – your project's success
- Navigate challenges effortlessly with real-world tips and best practices
- Unleash a new era of collaboration between development and operations teams.

Speaker Bio:

Aniket is currently working as the Cloud Consultant at Rapid Circle. He is 4x Microsoft Certified and plays with Azure and Terraform daily. He is also a community person and has been part of communities like Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors and Google Developer Student Club.