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Session Name: The evolution of Humana’s DevOps Journey from change driving people to people driving change

Change is the only constant. People love change but when asked if they want *to* change that creates a sense of fear. When one hears about change our brain goes into Critter State (fight, flight, freeze, or brain hijack) and provides a buffet of imaginative options on what can go wrong. Learning the difference between “change” and “to change” helps the leaders build a roadmap of taking people from Critter State to Smart State thus enabling effective and impactful DevOps transformation.

We, at Humana started our DevOps journey in 2018, when organizational change lead the way and we are excited to come back to provide an insightful update on our current DevOps journey how our people are driving the change today, to keep the momentum going, and serving our Humana Engineers, by providing the tools, platforms and streamlined processes so that they can continue to create delightful experiences for our Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and Pharmacy customers.

We are working hard each day to challenge the routine and pioneer simplicity and build a data-driven mindset around change, letting people drive the change based on data. In our session, we will provide you with some key lessons learned about how growing people and their engineering practices actually creates the differentiator for a business and not the technology or platforms that an organization purchases.

Speaker Bio:

Andrew joined Humana in July 2011. He has held several roles in his career at Humana including Android Engineer on the Enterprise Mobile team, Applications Architect for the Enterprise Mobile & API team, Manager of the Enterprise BI Assets team, and most recently Director of the Enterprise Engineering Enablement Organization & DevOps leader for the High-Performance Engineering program. In his downtime Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, hiking (RRG forever!), camping, and watching UofL sports (go cards!).