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Session Name: Introducing FinOps to Startups

Startups offer an opportunity to experiment with the latest Cloud development models. However, this has the potential to introduce astronomical cost that is sometimes unexpected due to the pricing models adopted by the major CSPs. Although FinOps is usually implemented as a large cultural shift in enterprise level organisations or gov bodies, there are many useful concepts that can be applied to startups in order to optimise cost, reduce wastage, and provide visibility to the value that your cloud spend is providing. This is a cultural shift which changes how many aspects of a business interact with one another, the role individual contributors need to take for cost, and how transparent a business needs to be regarding its cloud spend.

Speaker Bio:

I am a platform engineer with a background in Java and C++ development. I currently design and implement AWS cloud solutions. I am leading the initiative to introduce FinOps to the business by translating the best practices designed for enterprise businesses into a mid size startup.