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Session Name: Boosting Feedback Loops in CI & Kicking Costs to the Curb

You run your application on AWS for production. But what about the road to production? What about putting your infrastructure provisioner to the test and ensuring that no code change or update will affect your stack? You need faster feedback loops in your CI/CD pipeline as you develop and also want to cut costs. Let’s see how you can achieve all of that. Let’s say you run your application on AWS and provision the infrastructure with Terraform, which is almost the default by now. This talk demos a different way of providing infrastructure for testing in CI, without all the tedious mocking, while simultaneously verifying that your stack is constructed correctly. Production remains on AWS while your pipeline sets up the same (ephemeral) environment with IaC, using the open-source LocalStack container, which provides a high-fidelity AWS emulation in your environment.

Speaker Bio:

After seven years of being a developer, I am now a developer advocate, and I want to create demos that bring value to other engineers. On top of that, I'd really like to hear feedback and have meaningful conversations about use cases and needs, as I'm on a constant learning journey.