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Session Name: Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger - Testing at Scale

Performance testing is hard. The tools are difficult to use, tests difficult to write, environments impossible to maintain, and ability to test realistic scenarios and gather “real” usage data limited. This talk aims to introduce to concept of “simulation testing” frameworks - frameworks that combine the throughput of load testing, realism of E2E frameworks, data generation and reporting of data science frameworks, and developer experience of modern webdev tooling - through one engineer’s journey of building one over the past three years with open source MIT framework Hedra (Greek plural for the face of a solid).

Speaker Bio:

Ada Lündhé is a Senior Software Engineer at Datavant on the Infrastructure and Developer Experienxe team. With a wide ranging background from web-dev to ML engineering to DevOps, they build unique tools that combine unique aspects of multiple engineering disciplines to make the lives of developers everywhere better.