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fEEdback Loops: VoicEs of All DaY DevOps: VoluME 1

Four Years of Countless DevOps Journeys Unveiled at All Day DevOps

Over the years, All Day DevOps has explored the stories of over 275 community practitioners around the world - and as we know, with any journey, there is never a single path to success. The challenges they faced, their frustrations, their opportunities, and their accomplishments were all captured and are available to help you in your transformation. Authors include:

  • Sarah Elkins, Configuration Manager, General Dynamics IT
  • Sumit Agarwal, Cloud Engineering, Broadridge Financial
  • Jayne Groll, CEO, DevOps Institute
  • Nathen Harvey, Developer Advocate, Google
  • Stefan Simenon, Head of Centre of Expertise - Software Development & Tooling, ABN AMRO
  • Helen Beal, DevOpsologist, Ranger 4

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