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Contact us

If you are having trouble submitting the registration form, please email community@alldaydevops.com and we will assist you in registering for All Day DevOps 2018. 


How will the sessions be delivered?

All 100 sessions are delivered online, free of charge.  Live Q&A with the speakers is provided in our Slack channel.

What if I can't make it to all the sessions?

Everyone registered for the conference will receive links to all the session recordings immediately after the conclusion of the event.

Don't online conference lack the interactions of live conferences?

All Day DevOps is different.  For one, we encourage live viewing parties and last year we had 48 across 18 countries.  We also host Q&A for every speaker and attendee on Slack and last year we tallied over 30,000 conversations in 24 hours.  Interactive?  Check!

Why are there no vendor pitches?

There is a time and place for those.  This is not one of them.  It's been our policy since day one and we're not shying from it.

Why do you ask what city I live in?

In addition to the online sessions, we hosted 48 live viewing parties in 2017.  By knowing what city you live in, we can then remind you about opportunities to attend local viewing parties hosted in your neighborhood.  If you would like to host one yourself, check out the "Parties" link at the top of the page.  

If I sign up, will I be spammed by third parties (including third-party sponsors)?

We'll send you info about the schedule, how to login, and other basics.  We also have awesome content from each of our sponsors that you should check out. Opt-in as you wish.

Why are you doing this?

Not everyone has the time, budget, or approval to attend DevOps conferences in person. We designed All Day DevOps in order to deliver awesome content and support incredible conversations in a forum where EVERYONE is welcome. Over 40,000 people have participated in our community, so we think we're doing something right.