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Yoni Leitersdorf

Yoni Leitersdorf


Session Name: Continuous Security for Infrastructure-as-Code

As more developers deploy infrastructure across the cloud using Terraform/CloudFormation, security risk grows with the increased chance of misconfigurations. In this session, we will delve into various techniques to automate security analysis of cloud infrastructure in CI/CD pipelines, so you can consistently enforce security policies across your environments. We will cover use cases for static analysis by scanning the code, and dynamic analysis to catch issues that manifest themselves through analysis with the deployed environment. This talk will illuminate the landscape of commercial and open-source tools across various use cases.



Speaker Bio:

Yoni is the CEO & Founder of Indeni. He is also the CISO of Indeni. Coding since age six, his enthusiasm for automation and security has strongly influenced his career. Before Indeni, he served at the world-renowned IDF 8200 unit, where he managed a team of programmers and won the esteemed Israeli Security Prize given by the president.