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Yolanne Lee

Yolanne Lee


Session Name: Chaos Engineering for Reliable Software Architecture

The Chaos Toolkit (CTK) is an open source software to run chaos engineering experiments and ensure reliability and adaptability in system infrastructure. This simple and flexible open source interface allows for powerful automation and insight into real software systems. In this session we demonstrate how CTK can be used to explore how a simple blockchain functions, as well as where its weaknesses and strengths are through observation and simulation of real-world activity. This tutorial demonstrates how lateralizing hypothesis of software stable states can lead to clear best practices that are simple to test, understand and propagate in the production of truly scalable and reliable software architecture for any DevOps team.



Speaker Bio:

Yolanne is an early career Machine Learning DevOps engineer building pipelines for the biomedical image processing space. She cares about applying practical DevOps approaches to emerging engineering spaces and exploring the alternative use cases for existing technologies for the future of tech. Their work with with Reliably and contributions to the open source software Chaos Toolkit have evolved the way we bring traditional hypothesis testing into complex software architecture design.