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Yishai Beeri

Yishai Beeri


Session Name: Shift Left all the Things: And Now your Dev Process

This talk will focus on how to start shifting your development process left - from gracefully applying context from the disparate systems involved in system engineering today (the source code repos, CI/CD, project management, to name a few), through properly tracing work throughout the development pipeline, to deriving insights on bottlenecks and inefficiencies crippling your dev organization’s output. This talk will play to the strengths of the diversity of humans and machines in the process (let the humans write and review the code, and the machines run the tests), and streamline the multiple handoffs between humans (as well as machines) required to deliver software. We will also provide tangible measurement for the key elements in the process, as well as capture anomalies and deviations to enable rapid remediation and reduce risk.



Speaker Bio:

Yishai likes to solve problems, and that's why he is so fascinated with programming when he first encountered Logo back in the 80s, where the possibilities seemed endless. He made it a focus of his career to solve complex programming problems, both as a consultant and entrepreneur. In 2014, he joined the CTO office of a fast-moving cloud security startup, which was later acquired by a networking giant. At this startup, he also met Ori and Dan, now co-founders of LinearB. I joined them shortly after the company was established, in order to get back to what I love most about engineering, solving exciting challenges, and this time I'm focusing on the world of dev team metrics and software delivery management.