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Yaron Idan


Yaron Idan


Been chopping away at various types of software for 15 years now. After spending ~10 years as a DBA I shifted myself into a DevOps oriented approach and started spending my energy on mastering the toolchain. Currently an essential part of Soluto’s DevOps team and leading the effort of shifting our production workload to kubernetes, along with many other daily challenges.

Session: Everybody Gets A Staging Environment!

Starting up with kubernetes can get tough, especially for developers not familiar with the myriad of new terms and feature rich eco-system. This often causes code that works just fine on a laptop to fail unexpectedly when pushed to production. 

What if we could push to production without pushing to production? Allowing us to test our code reliably, without affecting users. we can also access our code easily from any device for the purpose of demos and show cases.

We found out a great way to quickly let the developer get a feel for how her code will behave in production is to actually deploy it to the cluster as fast as possible.

In my talk I'm going to cover how we used helm to deploy the code used in every branch before it is merged to the master branch in an isolated and safe manner - allowing tests to provide maximum fidelity to the behaviour of the app in production.