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Xavier Portilla Edo

Xavier Portilla Edo


Session Name: Voice Applications (Alexa Skills) Cloud Native on Kubernetes with Terraform

In this talk, a totally pioneering architecture in this type of application will be taught: How to deploy an Alexa Skill in Kubernetes environments. From local development with Kind and DevSpace, through the design of a Helm chart of Alexa Skill itself together with the non-relational database MongoDB, to automatic deployment in AKS with Terraform. What does it bring to the attendees? The main goal of this talk is, in addition to learning how to develop an Alexa Skill, to teach attendees the different ways to develop and deploy an Alexa Skill. We will investigate all the different types of deployments supported for these voice applications.



Speaker Bio:

Xavier was born in Valencia, but currently, he lives in Madrid. He has over seven years of experience and haas a focus on Java, DevOps, Q&A, microservices, and voice-based applications. He is organizer of DevopsDays Madrid and the organizer of the Alexa community in Spanish. In his spare time, he enjoys music, beer, and friends. He also has authored the book "The Revolution of Alexa".