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Vladimir Vitkov

Vladimir Vitkov

Information Services JSC

Session Name: Blue/Green Deployment with Docker, Haproxy and Consul

In the process of software development new versions of your application abound. There is a need for smooth, orchestrated, resilient and easily reversible deployments. The most most common term used is Blue/Green deployment and it allows for all these requirements. Today i will show you a practical way for this to happen.

Speaker Bio:

Vladimir is a sysadmin with more than 15 years of experience. He was involved in both a really small projects as well as multibilion worldwide enterprizes. For the last 7+ years he is dealing with cloud services, infrastructure support and automation This is in order to make your site/app functional, fast, resilient and most of all trouble free. He has seen the good, the bad and quite lot of the ugly in the IT business, and loves it.