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Vinothini Raju

Vinothini Raju


Session Name: Dealing with ConfigMaps for frictionless DevOps

ConfigMaps and Secrets in Kubernetes are an integral part of modern applications. They help to isolate the environmental specifications and make the applications portable. While ConfigMaps may appear simple to setup initially, they can become challenging when the real automation kicks in. ConfigMaps follow a different lifecycle compared to the applications and this may lead to disparate updates especially during Rolling Updates and Rollbacks. Similarly using configMaps in a non-root container needs additional considerations.

This session discusses some common use cases, challenges and best practices of using ConfigMaps to achieve a frictionless DevOps.

Speaker Bio:

Vinothini Raju, is the CEO & founder at gopaddle.io. She has over 18 years of experience as developer, architect and product head leading innovative teams. In the early days at gopaddle, her mission was to build workload portability solution that breaks vendor-in across different cloud platforms. With the advent of Docker and Kubernetes, she leveraged the technology stack to build a platform is Cloud agnostic. She is passionate about distributed systems and composite architectures.