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Vineeth Pothulapati

Vineeth Pothulapati


Session Name: Deploying a full Kubernetes observability stack in under five minutes

Tobs makes it easy to deploy a full observability suite into your Kubernetes cluster with only a single command, so you can start collecting, analyzing, and visualizing all of your metrics in only a few minutes. This makes it easier for users new to observability to get started. While the set of components and their configuration is highly opinionated by default, Tobs is also highly extensible and configurable. We aim to expand the suite with support for logs and traces in the future (and we always welcome community assistance with adding more components). Because we're developers ourselves, we wanted to make Tobs as easy as possible to operate, while still allowing full customization. Our CLI tool makes it easy to install, upgrade, customize, and maintain the suite with just a few commands. The CLI has simple support for operational tasks like resetting passwords, setting runtime options, forwarding ports, expanding volumes, and upgrading.



Speaker Bio:

Vineeth is a cloud, distributed systems enthusiast and contributor to Kubernetes, Cortex, and Open Policy Agent. He worked as a shadow for previous Kubernetes releases and was also a docs lead for Kubernetes 1.18 release. He is currently working on Promscale and Tobs as a software engineer with Timescale. Previously, he was a CNCF mentee with Cortex and Open Policy Agent and a Google Summer of Code intern with The Postgres Operator. He also co-founded and organizes CNCF Hyderabad meetups and also given several talks on CNCF technologies.