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Victor Martinez


Victor Martinez


I have been working for more than 10 years as a system administrator and five as a systems architect. Currently working on a small R&D team where we study issues related to DevOps and resilience of systems. Currently focused on the search for Antifragile systems through the use of AIOps and Chaos Engineering.

Session: The Dream Of The Antifragile Systems

This session is a brief explanation of the features we look for in an antifragile system and how AIOps and Chaos engineering can help us to get closer to them.

Everyday systems become more complex, making it impossible for us to fully predict their behavior. In this scenario, it is inevitable that situations arise in which the systems fail. We understand that we should embrace the idea of failure in our systems, but why not think about systems that are capable of learning for themselves from these failures? Why not equip our intelligence systems to allow them to identify the anomalies in the context and based on that, they can decide how to act?

We believe that once the different processes of the organization are automated, we must provide the necessary observability so that our monitoring tools can reconstruct the contexts and act accordingly by means of a trained rule engine. Since we cannot wait for failures to appear in production, we will train our observability and our rules engine with chaos engineering techniques. This automation of chaos with our value cycle will allow us to push systems not only to be resilient but to be able to improve from each attempt, pursuing the idea of an antifragile system.