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Veronica Hanus

Veronica Hanus


Session Name: What makes OS "friendly"?: Lessons from a beginner's tour of six popular projects

Numerous talks have have been written about the impact of imposter syndrome on contribution to open source projects in an effort to share what helps first-time contributors find their way in a new project. Much of this advice seems initiative, but my first contributions showed me that beginner experiences can vary a lot! Join me for a review of my experience with six popular OS Python projects & some advice for those starting out and maintainers alike.

Speaker Bio:

Before Veronica was a programmer, she was a researcher (she helped pick the Mars Curiosity Rover’s landing site!) with an eye for process improvement. As she’s taught herself web development, she’s brought her research approach from her time at NASA-JPL & MIT into whatever she was learning. She loves exploring the web, and recently co-taught a PyCon tutorial on using web-scraping and modeling to predict Oscar winners. When she isn’t learning how the web can be better for developers, she enjoys blogging, nerding out about documentation, and snuggling as many cats as possible.