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Vasant Kumar Chinnipilli

Vasant Kumar Chinnipilli


Session Name: Demystifying the state of kubernetes cluster security - the cloud native way

The goal of this talk is to broaden the awareness of the how and why kubernetes attacks works, escapes work, starting from a brief tour of the Kubernetes ecosystem, and then looking at advanced threat modelling scenarios, covering in-depth defense mechanisms for multiple critical resources, continuous monitoring and alerting techniques that are focused on securing cloud native architectures, all the way down to releasing a commercial grade opensource tool for continuous threat modelling and scanning the kubernetes clusters.



Speaker Bio: 

Vasant is a security enthusiast, speaker and currently serves as a Security Architect, DevSecOps Practitioner/learner and working towards securing cloud and cloud native in a Continuous Deployment world at mx51. He is passionate about Cloud Security, Cloud Native and containerisation Technology, DevSecOps and Security automation. Always a Learner and currently ramping up DevOps skills to bridge the gap between the security and DevOps teams.