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Vandana Verma


Vandana Verma

Security Advocate

Vandana Verma is an experienced security practitioner with over 12 years of experience. 
She has given talks and workshops at many colleges and security conferences including Owasp Seasides, AppSec Europe, AppSec USA, NullCon, BSides Delhi, c0c0n (Kerala Police Conference) and Global Appsec Tel Aviv. Vandana actively works towards increasing female participation in the Security space through her contributions to various communities like owasp, infosecGirls and null.

Session: Taking Away The Sugar Piece & Giving The Pile To Ants

We have been talking about the technical angle of DevSecOps. How do I go about building the DevSecOps culture in the organisation? So far Generally corporates are trying to have all three Plays and teams Dev, Sec and Ops team together. However, the Ideal DevSecOps idea is each individual should know what is happening in the whole process. If person or team has issues/concern, then anyone can stand-up and take the DevSecOps further. Instead of giving the sugar cube to the individuals give them the who Pile of sugar to the Ants (aka teams), incase something fails the other teams can balance the situation or stand up for each other.

This talk will portray Call to action from different teams. What should a Developer should do, what a security and Operations person should do? How to bring the teams to work together.