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Session Name: How Expedia Platform Engineering Manages 1000 + Multi-cluster Deployment

At Expedia Group, we, Platform team had built a Unified Platform which has sown seeds to host 10K+ micro-service application span across 1K+ Kubernetes Cluster empowered with multi and hybrid cluster lifecycle management. With this session, you will gain the idea for some of the best practices followed. Discussion about Multi-Cluster Management via Opensource tools with Kubefedv2 and Open Cluster Management and how they handle the big boulders of the platform:

1. Authentication - Blocks like Identity. RBAC, mTLS, SA, certificate
2. Observability- Metrics, logging, tracing
3. Security - SAST, CIS benchmark, Image, kernel security
4. Resiliency - SRE, Chaos Engineering, Backup, DR, Failover strategy
5. Provisioning - DevOps CI-CD, Automation
6. Cloud Cost Optimisation - FinOps, K8s Cost comparison/Analytics

Speaker Bio:

Vaibhav Chopra possesses 12 years of experience in DevOps, SRE, Platform Engineering space,
He is an Agile leader, DevOps Technologist, Community Speaker, and a seasoned blogger driving the Platform Engineering Compute delivery unit at Expedia from Gurgaon (India).