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Session Name: How Expedia Platform Engineering Manages 1000 + Multi-cluster Deployment

At Expedia Group, we, Platform team had built a Unified Platform which has sown seeds to host 10K+ micro-service application span across 1K+ Kubernetes Cluster empowered with multi and hybrid cluster lifecycle management. With this session, you will gain the idea for some of the best practices followed. Discussion about Multi-Cluster Management via Opensource tools with Kubefedv2 and Open Cluster Management and how they handle the big boulders of the platform:

1. Authentication - Blocks like Identity. RBAC, mTLS, SA, certificate
2. Observability- Metrics, logging, tracing
3. Security - SAST, CIS benchmark, Image, kernel security
4. Resiliency - SRE, Chaos Engineering, Backup, DR, Failover strategy
5. Provisioning - DevOps CI-CD, Automation
6. Cloud Cost Optimisation - FinOps, K8s Cost comparison/Analytics

Speaker Bio:

Vaibhav Chopra possesses 12+ years of experience in the Backend and Platform infrastructure space,
He is currently driving the Platform Engineering delivery unit at Expedia from Gurgaon (India).
He is an Agile leader, DevOps Technologist, Community Speaker, and a seasoned blogger