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Umair Khalid


Umair Khalid


I have 13+ years of overall experience in the software industry. I am currently working as Head of DevOps in TPS which is the leading vendor of Financial switches and digital payments solution in Pakistan and also has a great reputation in other countries of South Asia, Middle East and Africa.

I am also trying to pay back to the community by working as an elected president of Agile Karachi, which is the biggest chapter of Pakistan Agile Development Society affiliated with ScrumAlliance.

Previously, I have worked as a Quality Assurance Manager and Agile Coach for a Canadian based firm and played a key role in Agile adoption in the organization while assuring quality of products and projects.

In recent years, I have shared my knowledge through blogs, articles, talks and workshops in various events, organizations and universities. I am pursuing PhD in Management Sciences. Before that, I completed my MS and MBA degrees in Management and BS degree in Computer Science.

Session: CI/CD implementation in Fintech organizations: Dream or Reality?

On one hand, financial institutions (banks to be more specific) are considering themselves as technology companies with banking license. So, they are not only striving hard to use sophisticated technologies but also expecting their vendors to be more technologically innovative and progressive than ever before. But on the other hand, they are constrained by the industry regulations and their legacy processes complying to them. This leaves their technology partners and vendors with a dichotomy and they are often indecisive about leveraging CI/CD and DevOps processes and tools not addressing the challenges of Fintech industry explicitly.

I want to share my journey of facing the similar challenges while working with the conservative financial institutions of South Asia, Africa and Middle east and trying to ensure continuous and reliable software delivery with automated delivery pipeline. It took some serious effort and significant number of plan-do-check-act cycles to reach to a point which is worth sharing with the world while still having some work in progress.