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Uldis Karlovs-Karlovskis

Uldis Karlovs-Karlovskis

Uldis Karlovs-Karlovskis

Accenture Latvia

In IT and DevOpsish field since 2005. Currently leading big DevOps people group in Accenture Latvia. Does a lot of talking internally for Accenture and its clients. Sometimes speaks or at least visits other IT conferences. Uldis about himself - “I believe there is no “single me”. While being technician and problem solver in my heart, during last 6-7 years I have been very much interested in group psychology and therapy.

Some 5 years I spent doing a lot of acting and directing in theater.In March of 2018 I started building my own theater troupe. Luckily my role in company gives me the opportunity to try out different methods and experiment with culture and hierarchies.

I hate reading books but currently that’s the only way how to open my mind for new ideas.

Session: How To Lead A DevOps Team Of 125 At A Fortune 100 Company

Last year at world class conference "All Day DevOps" I told about my journey how we grew from 0 to 100. Guess what - it didn't solve all our issues. This year I'm happy to continue my story with new things we implemented to build foundation for further growth.