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Tobias Dunn-Krahn

Tobias Dunn-Krahn


Session Name: Applying Agile Principles to Incident Response and Management

Rapid release and iteration of digital services means more novel products for customers, but also also introduces operational challenges, with many DevOps and SRE teams spending the majority of their time addressing issues instead of delivering on innovation. The challenge in finding the right balance between feature velocity and these operational concerns is twofold: (1) If technology organizations put all available resources into quickly developing new features and functionality, poor performance will affect customer satisfaction and (2) If technology organizations spend too much time carefully innovating on products, the slow rollout of new technologies will enable competitors to get the upper hand. In this talk, attendees will learn Best practices for developing and deploying reliable digital services faster, how customer-impacting issues affect the ability to build out new services and features, and incident management’s role in service reliability and digital transformation success. 



Speaker Bio:

Tobias has more than 20 years of technology leadership experience, including 15 with xMatters. Tobias believes that people expect their digital services to deliver uninterrupted availability, responsive interactions and continuous product improvement. To meet their expectations, digital service providers must anticipate and avoid issues, and to otherwise quickly resolve them, so they can focus on innovation.