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Session Name: Azure DevOps:- Templating Your Pipelines and Keeping Them Dry

Working on Azure DevOps Pipelines you may notice some repetition over time, whether that be copying the same stage or task multiple times but changing some values. This will result in your pipeline growing and growing unnecessarily over time. What can we do? Building Azure DevOps YAML pipelines and continuously adding the same pipeline.yaml file? Over time; this file can grow and grow – copy and pasting the same job/task but changing variables. I recommend that you have a look at creating templates within your Azure DevOps pipelines to template common jobs/tasks that you can reuse within other pipelines! The session

will be based on templating your Azure DevOps Pipelines and keeping them DRY including examples and references to each.

Speaker Bio:

Azure & DevOps Advocate. Passionate for sharing knowledge and technical experiences in the Azure community with an active social following on Twitter/LinkedIn and runs a widespread Azure blog website which has been viewed over 300,000.