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Thembe Hinke

Thembe Hinke

Hinke Consulting

Session Name: Government Needs a Corporate Expertise in DevSecOps

With DevSecOps becoming more of a common practice in government, two things are going to begin to happen: 1) government will start thinking of the acquisition implications and will begin to make award decisions based on the DevSecOps practices that represent the best value for their program, and 2) government adjacent companies will be impacted. Observations and recommendations for government programs and government systems integrators in the future acquisition space defined by DevSecOps.

Speaker Bio:

Themba Hinke is an independent consultant working to improve the quality of government through successful technology adoption. Leveraging his background as a technology thought leader and government buyer, Themba advises on topics such as implementing DevSecOps in the Intelligence Community and mission-outcome focused product selling. Before becoming a consultant, he spent 10 years in the Navy - first as a Surface Warfare Officer and later as an Engineering Duty Officer. In 2017 Themba completed his final Navy assignment where he was Chief of Platform Services at the National Reconnaissance Office. While there, he led the lean start-up and delivery of a shared services platform and enabled a DevSecOps transformation. His cross-organizational leadership paved the way for significant reductions in security timelines and the standardization of enterprise processes. He earned recognition in 2016 as a Rising Star in Government by Federal Computer Weekly. Themba has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School and a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Physics from the Naval Academy.