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Tanvi Bali


Tanvi Bali


Session: Practical DevSecOps - Tales from the Trenches

The DevSecOps journey is a very interesting and exciting one. Join us in this session where we explore what a DevSecOps journey looks like and hear us talk about some tips and tricks we have learned during our own DevSecOps journeys with our clients, which can help shape your own.

Tanvi Bali is a Security Specialist working with Accenture Australia. She possesses a passionate curiosity for learning new & emerging technologies and their related threats. As a security practitioner she leverages her decade of experience in IT Infrastructure, Software development and Application Security to help the business implement security measures and help them to better understand the risks and how to mitigate them, not just to demonstrate vulnerabilities. She is particularly interested in helping businesses understand and adopt DevSecOps Strategies in an optimal way.