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Tracy P. Holmes

Tracy P. Holmes

Developer Advocate

Session Name: Continuously Deliver your Blog as Code with Terraform

Terraform is an Infrastructure as Code tool for declaratively building and maintaining complex infrastructures on one or more cloud providers/services. But Terraform also supports over 90 non-infrastructure providers. My blog publication workflow is really manual, as I have to not only write the blog post, I have to also generate it, review it, and stage it for publication. So, I built a Dev.to Provider for Terraform to automate it. In this talk, I will dive into how I built it, challenges into making it work, and how I used other automation to write, publish, and socialize it.



Speaker Bio:

A "jackie of all trades", Tracy has experienced both sides of HashiCorp’s Terraform - as a Software Engineer and now a Developer Advocate. When she isn't speaking or leveling up her programming skills to make the Terraform ecosystem even better, she likes baking, volunteering, hanging with her pup, and reading mysteries. She is a strong believer that open source is like gardening - pay attention to your conditions, and water only when needed.