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Session Name: From Behind the Chair to Behind the Keyboard: How Hairdressing Prepared Me for Developer Advocacy

In today’s increasingly digital business environment, the need to continue honing and upgrading skills is a given. Whether you’re a CTO reimagining a corporate technical strategy or the developer creating systems that bring that plan to life, translate the “people skills” you’ve built through your own unique experience to advance your IT acumen—even if you started out as a hairdresser, like me. Those 15 years behind the chair taught me that success is 50% technical skills and 50% communication skills.

In this talk I will share three “soft skill” lessons from my salon days that have shaped my developer career and will help you apply your own personal experiences in furthering your professional journey:
Listening to Learn and Learning to Relate Across Levels
Walking In a Client’s Shoes
Practicing Professional Patience

Speaker Bio:

Stuart is a Technical Leader / Developer Advocate at Cisco DevNet, where he focuses on network automation and the developer experience for engineers, and partners working with network automation and DevNet. Prior to joining Cisco DevNet, he worked in a variety of roles ranging from Network Engineer to Network Architect for Cisco.