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Steve Pereira

Steve Pereira


Session Name: The 4x4 Method of DevOps

This session describes a winning approach to making progress with any key initiative, framed within the context of DevOps adoption and improvement. It has evolved through many iterations across several mediums and now in the age of remote-first collaboration, is finally easy to share, and easy to start. The system is collaborative and remote by default, but works equally well in a room full of people and post-its. It can even provide value as a solo investigation. It requires no specific tooling, and  it can be leveraged to drive both continuous improvement and innovation.



Speaker Bio:

Steve is obsessed with making tech human, and leveraging it to deliver continuous value. He shows teams how to use simple tools and techniques to make big changes. For the past 20 years, his focus has been on sharing mapping techniques to guide ambitious and struggling teams towards their true north. He's a former startup CTO, agency consultant, systems and release engineer, finance IT manager, tech support phone jockey, and pizza maker. All focused on the flow of value, all the time.