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Stefan Streichsbier

Stefan Streichsbier


Session Name: The Future of DevSecOps

“There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.” -- Bishop Desmond Tutu

In past presentations, I have focused on the current state of DevSecOps. This new talk will explore what has to happen for security to be effective. The talk will highlight how Data Science and Deep Reinforcement Learning will empower teams to get rid of their existing security debt across the entire portfolio, without requiring manual intervention.

Speaker Bio:

Stefan began his career in Security Assurance in 2003 and has since performed intrusive security testing across hundreds of corporate networks and business-critical applications. Afterward, Stefan has been focused on secure application development for web and mobile applications, using his skills as both a developer and security expert to champion Source Code Analysis and Secure Application Coding best practice.

Stefan is regularly conducting security workshops, security awareness trainings, and frequently speaks at public events and conferences. Stefan has been dedicated to enabling organizations to rapidly deliver applications without creating a security bottleneck through application security programs and DevSecOps implementations.

Stefan is the Founder of GuardRails (https://www.guardrails.io). A security platform that orchestrates open source security tools, curates their output and makes actionable results available in pull requests.

Stefan is a co-founder of the local DevSecOps Singapore Meetup group that is enjoying an active and ever-growing community. Stefan has also been involved as core organizer of DevOpsDays Singapore, DevOpsDays Jakarta, and DevSecCon Asia.