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Srushith Repakula

Srushith Repakula


Session Name: CICD in the World of Serverless

In the ever fast paced software development, Serverless came in as a boon, enabling developers concentrate primarily on the business logic and nothing more! This only calls for a stringent process flow, making Continuous Development, Countinous Integration and Continuous Delivery highly advisable. This talk will focus on local testing of the serverless functions and their associated services locally.

Speaker Bio:

"Building KonfHub, a one stop platform for technical conferences on AWS stack, primarily using serverless and other associated services. Got the first taste of Serverless by participating in the “AWS Chatbot Challenge” and fell instantly in love with the technology and the unparalleled passion for Lambdas henceforth began. Regularly speaking at conferences and meetups in the serverless community and sharing knowledge, production experiences and real life challenges. Started the very first serverless focused meetup group in Bangalore, contributing, presenting and encouraging young passionate members to pursue the same which currently blossoms with around 5,300 members!"