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Siddharth Pareek

Siddharth Pareek

Natwest Group

Session Name: A 400 years old NatWest Group Journey in their DevOps Cultural Transformation

The Natwest Group, https://www.natwestgroup.com/, today and its brands are made up of hundreds of old banks with dating back to the 1640s and has a total profit of over £4,000 million for 2019. As apart of the Global DevOps Center Of Excellence team, the journey towards the DevOps transformation or rather cultural and mindset change has been with a mixed bag of failures and successes. In this session, I will talk about what challenges we have addressed and how and the benefits which the Enterprise gained out of it.



Speaker Bio:

Siddharth Pareek is the current Vice President of Consulting leading a DevOps Center of Excellence practice for a European bank. He is a digital evangelist known for DevOps and cloud transformation primarily for the banking and finance industries. He’s an enterprise agile and lean coach focused on improving functional and financial results through the adoption of cultural mindset change. He is also on the board of experts panel for the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) and the world's first individual to be certified across the complete portfolio of CCC. He has co-authored a white paper on global digital skills and writes on multiple topics but in particular about IoT, BigData, and Blockchain. He’s a regular industry speaker at global and regional events and conferences including DevOps Institute Ambassador and DASA Influence for DevOps & Agile Skill Association.