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Session Name: Sustainable GitOps & Gitflow Engineered for a Climate Emergency

Corporate responsibility is not enough to manage climate change. DevOps Engineers across the globe have the opportunity to reduce energy consumption by 2% if we use more effective deployment & release methods. In this talk, we will showcase and demonstrate using CI/CD how someone can go on their journey to achieve ZERO idle workloads in non-production.


Speaker Bio:

Shlomo is the CTO at Arctiq a Benchmark Company in Canada and a DevOps Institute and CDF Ambassador. He is focused on supporting the practical side of DevSecOps through CI/CD which stems from his engineering and enterprise architecture background. He was previously a global head of Site Reliability Engineering and Application Security as a CISO for a Fortune 500 company. He is also the creator of Governance Engineering and Sustainable GitOps/Gitflow. He participates heavily in the community to provide thought leadership and product management guidance. Having successfully implemented digital transformation for a fortune 500 he plans to show others how to do so practically, and avoid his epic failures. Ask him anything on the spot. He loves it.