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Shivagami Gugan


Shivagami Gugan


Session: Challenges In Implementing SRE In A Large Organisation

Large organisations that have grown organically have a complex technology landscape and an ingrained culture that poses challenges in adopting new SRE ways of working. In this session, I will discuss the challenges of managing an SRE practice across an environment with 1000+ applications and 440+ international locations. For example, scaling legacy applications through automation, and evolving systems by pushing for changes that improve reliability and velocity, also bringing in fundamental cultural shifts in building autonomous teams by breaking silos between development, ops and testing teams. I will then share insights into how these challenges are getting addressed through the implementation of an operating model that facilitates team collaboration, automation, tracking objectives and key results.

About Shviagami Gugan

Shivagami is a Technologist and Aviation Specialist with experience in transforming large teams. Having headed the Software Engineering function for more than 8+ years, she is currently driving IT transformation to DevOps ways of working. She is responsible for SRE and hybrid Cloud function at Emirates Group IT having a landscape of 1000+ applications, 440+ international locations across multiple data centres.