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Session Name: Architectural Patterns for DevOps and SRE Teams

Architecture is often defined as the layout and usage of components based on external and internal constraints. DevOps and SRE Teams are built around any number of services, but as services and the organizational landscape change, team architecture can and should change to find the right fit based on the external and internal forces. This session is a conceptual session discussing architecture team patterns, yet technical topics will be covered encompassing DevOps and SRE responsibilities and tooling.
Key takeaways are as follows:
- The types of DevOps and SRE Team Architecture Patterns, patterns that describe team composition, responsibilities, interactions
- The constraints that may make some patterns more tolerable or desirable than others
- The downsides of some patterns or anti-patterns or contraindicated conditions where patterns may not be recommended"


Speaker Bio:

Shikha is a Distinguished Engineer & Master Inventor at IBM. She is the lead architect at Automation and Integration SaaS, where she brings her expertise in architecture, design, and leadership towards collaboratively creating innovative pragmatic solutions leading to multi-cloud-based SaaS. Shikha has numerous awarded patents and has been honored with multiple Outstanding Technical Achievement awards. Her passions include solving customer problems to enable them to provide better experiences for their users. She has presented and has been a panelist at conferences including DOES, MARs, DockerCon, KubeCon, Elasticon, WITs, GHC, and local open-source (Kubernetes) Meetups among others.