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Shaun Mouton

Shaun Mouton


Session Name: Humane On-Call Strategies

It's been over a decade since I had the first conversation at a devopsdays conference about making on-call suck less, and I'm still reading about folks going into new jobs to find out their on-call shift will look no different from the state of the art circa 2011. Let's chat about how to redesign your team or organization's on-call patterns. How can you convince your supervisors and peers to move towards a healthier way to operate? How can you engage with folks outside your part of the organization to help lighten the load without ruining their sleep cycle? And, importantly, how do you know when it's not going to change on a timeframe that suits you and that you should move on?


Speaker Bio:

Shaun is not a devops but can help sprinkle some on your infrastructure, apps, and culture. Friendgineering 4 lyfe, hugops not harm, tirefi.re benevolent underlord.